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DNA is Alive in the Funeral Industry

Virtually every day a news feed touches upon the topic of DNA; whether it is about solving a crime, researching for a cure or continued genealogical quests.  Now, the discussion of genetic record (DNA) is emerging in the death industry.  Cremation is becoming the... read more

DNA Collection Made Easy-No Blood Draw Required

DNA Collection at a funeral home from a deceased person has been made easy by DNA Memorial.  A non-invasive mouth swab or body hair provides enough sample necessary to preserve the genetic record of a deceased person.  Because of complexities that exist for funeral... read more

3 DNA Facts for Funeral Consumers

The death of a loved one elicits many emotions.   In an already elevated stressful time, funeral decisions must be made during a relatively short period.  Funeral planning sessions aka “arrangement conference” decisions are made about service dates,... read more

Include DNA Preservation in Funeral Planning

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.” –Harriet Beecher Stowe  Whether a funeral is a burial or cremation, the collection and preservation of DNA from the departed is a deed that should never be left undone.  Once a... read more

DNA is Lost in the Cremation Process

As cremation becomes the choice of consumers for their final disposition after death, education of cremation facts are essential.  Cremation is permanent and irreversible.  Once a body is cremated, it cannot be “undone.”  All genetic record (DNA) is lost... read more

DNA Memorial in the UK!

Hear ye hear ye!  Big news in the United Kingdom…funeral homes are now offering families of the deceased DNA collection and genetic preservation.  As reported in the Daily Mail funeral directors in the UK offer families the last chance to preserve the past for... read more

What’s in my DNA?

Welcome to the family! The birth of a newborn is precious news.  However, all newborns receive the not so good news regarding their inherited “gifts” of genetic predisposition to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, ALS, heart disease and so on. The... read more